Services Offered:



System-Wide Supports

  • Science/STEM Program reviews 

  • Curriculum adoption facilitation 

  • PLC Development 

  • Site-based coaching 

  • Learning Environments assessment & enhancement





 Science & STEM Education 

  • Developing Science Teachers as Leaders 

  • Next Generation Science Standards 

  • Science & Engineering Practices 

  • Crosscutting Concepts 

  • Engineering - As it is played out in the NGSS 

  • Formative Assessment in Science 

  • Student discourse/Accountable Talk 

  • Facilitating adaptation of materials to meet the NGSS 

  • Elements of Effective Science Instruction 


Horizons Educational Consulting is committed to designing, and delivering, support services and professional learning opportunities tailored to the needs of each client.

  • Deepest appreciation for your leadership, expertise and focus during the 3 day adoption process. 

  • Thank you for the positive leadership!

  • Thank you again for such hands-on engaging practical approaches to implementing NGSS in our school. Feedback was positive across the board and we are already noticing positive changes in our science lessons. 


  • I was motivated by your presentation on Cross-Cutting Concepts at NISE 2015.

  • Thank you for your session. I now understanding this whole thing about crosscutting concepts.

  • Also, thank you for the very enlightening presentation I learnt a lot about the NGSS from your presentation at the MENA Conference 2015.

  • Thank you!!!   I'm really looking forward to our adoption process!!!  You are such a great fit for our facilitator/leadership! ...We completed our 6 days of science adoption and our team is ready-to-roll with our pilots in a few weeks. We could not have done it without your incredible work.   It has been amazing to work alongside and watch you in action.